Recipe: yummy skin food face mask

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This is my favourite exfoliating facial treatment: great for your skin, and absolutely good enough to eat.


1 teaspoon oats

1 teaspoon clear honey

1 teaspoon plain, Greek-set yogurt


Take a small bowl, or teacup. Lightly crush the oats with a pestle and mortar, or with the back of a spoon in the base of the bowl, then add the yogurt and honey.

Mix thoroughly. Taste some if you like – it’s yummy!

Apply all over face, making sure hair is well clear, and rub gently in using small circular movements, up and away from the centre. Then pat evenly all over, and leave mask for around 10 minutes. Wash off. Your skin will feel tingly, smooth, clean and  moisturised.

Why it works

The oats, rubbed over the skin, act as a gentle exfoliator helping old skin cells to be shed, and new ones to glow. Additionally, oats contain wonderful emollient, skin-soothing properties and have relaxing qualities too.

The yogurt is rich in lactic acid which is a gentle and effective alpha hydroxy acid (AHA): anti-ageing, exfoliating, it moisturises, improves skin texture and helps skin to renew. Yogurt also contains skin-boosting nutrients.

The honey is moisturising, anti-bacterial and skin-healing and contains a host of botanical traces to enhance its effect.

Please note: it is a good idea especially after giving your skin a treatment to ensure you don’t spend too long in the sun; use a good sun-screen.


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  1. WOW! Such simple ingredients, I suffer from skin break outs and have always been sucked in by the powers of advertising and continue to buy the so called ‘latest products’, but I am very cautious of the ingredients that are packed into the so called wonder products…and I am now finding they are having the opposite effect as they are too harsh for my skin!.. so on my next trip to the supermarket I will be stocking up on the bits to make the mask!…will look forward to having 5 minutes peace and relaxing with the mask

    Good luck for the weekend x

  2. Hi Suzanne I am inspired by your site and all the interesting and personal stories and information it offers.

    I wanted to say how much I enjoy using your lovely products. The Sensitive Skin Balm has been and still is invaluable. I use it on the skin around the large breast wound I have since a reconstruction operation went awfully wrong, two months ago now. The skin became inflamed and painful as the dressings around the wound were taken on and off each day. The itching was unbearable at times and then I remembered your Skin Balm. I happened to have it with me in the hospital. The balm really calmed and soothed the itching and pain – quite remarkable. The district nurses who attend me at my home now are also impressed with the healing effect of the balm. So a big thank you.

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