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Being intuitive is an essential survival skill. It can help you to find and keep a good partner, friends and career. It can help you to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

Intuitive people can read other people and situations clearly. Not choosing to use your intuition is a bit like walking around with your head in a cloud. You can see, but only  a bit.

So here are some easy strategies to help you. Remember: the more you practise, the better you become.

Get out of your own way

Sarah, a lady I know, has no luck with men. She would love to settle down, but boyfriends never stick around for long.

The trouble is, she has an internal voice that constantly tells her she’s not good enough. This voice comes from a mother and a sister who bullied her: she was always viewed as the clumsy, unattractive one.

Sarah’s low self-esteem means that she accepts dates from anyone who asks her. She tries too hard to please, and blames herself when the relationship fizzles out.

So Sarah needs to address the core problem and throw out the outdated program that says she’s not good enough. She needs to stop listening to her own self-defeating internal voice, and start noticing what’s going on around her.

Then she will quickly understand a lot more about the men she meets. She’ll see which ones have a kind smile and interesting conversation… and she’ll start making much better choices.

Notice your inner critic

We all have a self-defeating inner voice that likes to comment on everything we do – it’s the voice of our ego. The best way to identify it is to sit still for 20 minutes and do a listening meditation. Simply listen to all the sounds you hear, within and around you.

Before long, you will become aware of some very noisy thoughts. These are often stressed, critical thoughts. That’s your inner critic. It’s not real, and it gets in the way of true perception. Once you recognize it, the inner critic will lose its power to influence you.

Become great at spotting an atmosphere

I have a friend I love to visit. There’s something about her house that makes me feel calm and happy. I know another lady whose house has the opposite effect. Although she, and her house, appear tidy and  nice, the atmosphere is prickly and rather unpleasant.

Noticing atmospheres around people and in buildings is really important. If you don’t already, make a habit of it now. The atmosphere tells you what’s really going on in another person’s life, underneath the social smiles.

You can become very good at spotting if someone is happy or stressed. You can even tell if they talk about others behind their back. You can then make an informed decision about your friendship with that person: whether to help them – or perhaps spend less time with them.

The same holds true for the atmosphere in a work place, or course. Noticing a bad vibe in a job interview can save you making a costly career mistake. On the other hand, spotting a great atmosphere in a company offering less pay could end up being better for your bank balance.

It all comes down to practice: build up a vocabulary to describe the different environments you encounter, and over time you’ll become an expert.



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  1. Thank you Suzanne for these words of encouragement and inspiration.
    I was amazed to hear, after first reading your words, that you had written them in the plane whilst flying over here to Ireland. You have such a wonderful gift.
    Having read the words again now, I feel calm, peaceful and even uplifted in knowing what I have to do. Thank you once again Suzanne.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Barbara – it’s great to have the feedback. Actually, it was flying through the clouds and then up into the blue sky above that gave me the inspiration!

  3. I can well imagine! Such heavenly words – well done.

  4. Dear Suzanne, thank you for your words of calm, peace and wisdom. Please write some more. I am very interested in what you do and will look further soon. With Love to you, in Bliss. Emily

    • Dear Emily, thank you for your kind words. It’s nice to be in contact with you, and I’m looking forward to learning more about your work in Bliss. With love, Suzanne

  5. Such lovely comments – so inspiring. Do you know I used to think there was actually something wrong with me because I could read other people and situations so clearly. Can I truly now say I AM
    AN Intuitive person????

    • You most certainly are an intuitive person Barbara : )

  6. Looking forward to so much more of your comments and Emily’s.
    I just know I will gain so much more inspiration and wisdom from you.
    Sorry for delay in replying – electricity been off!! Much love.

  7. Aaagh Bless you for your kind and loving words. Love and hugs.

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