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Bluebells in woodlandThis is English bluebell time. The woods around here are thick with lush green leaves topped with with ethereal indigo bells.

This flower thrives in the British Isles. So what does the bluebell say about the English psyche? And, if you are drawn to this beautiful flower, what does it say about you?

The bluebell hangs down almost shyly. There is a quiet, reflective element to it, and yet it’s sociable too – it’s generally found in crowds. Its deep, purple-blue colour is associated with the brow chakra. This, in turn, is linked with intelligence. When the brow chakra is functioning well, the two hemispheres of the brain are in balance, so we can operate both intuitively and analytically.

Signs of the future

Bluebells, or wood hyacinths, are fragrant, beautiful, modest and reflective. Although being modest and reflective are not generally valued in our busy human world, there is the distinct possibility that they will be in the future, as witnessed by the growing interest in mindful meditation in schools and workplaces.

On a practical level, there are signs that the natural wooded world of the bluebells will also increase in England. Oxygen, the main product of woodland, will become truly valued within our lifetimes, along with the food and fuel that woodland can offer. The value of a 3-dimensional landscape will be recognised, and our flat billiard table fields will gradually give way to hanging arboreal farms and gardens.

You can already see this awareness emerging in our collective psyche when you visit a city like London, where hanging gardens increasingly adorn the outsides of buildings and the insides of shops and atria. Instinctively, we are drawn to this aesthetic, because in our not-so-distant past we were truly arboreal. Deep down, we are still woodland people.

Bluebell in woodlandThe best way to understand the bluebell’s message is simply to spend time in bluebell woods. If that is not possible, hold a picture in your mind and meditate upon that. Dwell on the essential aspects of the bluebell – the womb-like hanging bell, and the sublime indigo of the flowers perfectly counterbalanced by the rich green of the leaves. Indigo and green – the colours of the head and heart chakras respectively – meet in this most beautiful of plants, bringing us an awareness of our own creativity, balanced by reason and love.


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  1. Thank you Suzanne for this beautiful, inspirational and illuminating post!

    • A pleasure, Brendan. Bluebells have so much to offer us.

  2. Such a beautiful post Suzanne – ah the beauty of an English woodland!
    I can almost smell the bluebells in my mind as I think back to my childhood and lying in the bluebell fields – wonderful. Such peace and relaxation. Yes, we can gain so much from the bluebells. Thank you.

  3. I loved this Suzanne…I could feel the energy of the bluebell as you described it…thanks so much! hugs, Barbara xxxx

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