Seven ways to strengthen your base chakra

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A healthy base chakra connects us with nature.

“An excellent course. Just what I was hoping for. A real gift. Many thanks,” emailed a student. “You said that you would think of a solution to getting my base chakra more engaged. Any luck please?”

Defining the base

The base chakra means different things to different people, so I’ll put forward a quick definition here. The chakra system is a useful way of explaining how we interact energetically with ourselves and the world. The idea is that there are energy concentrations – vortexes of spinning energy – at key points in the etheric energy field in which our bodies move and rest.

The base chakra is situated at the base of the spine, and it’s all about how connected we are to the physical world. The base chakra is about our physical survival. It’s about feeling safe, and solid, and definitely here, on this planet.

To achieve a healthy base chakra, it’s good to know how it feels to have a healthy base chakra. To do that, I like to consider Stone Age people. We – our ancestors – lived for tens of thousands of years – far, far longer than modern civilisation has lasted to date – in a sometimes fluctuating, but always very natural environment. There was hardly any sense in those days that we controlled the world. Instead, we saw ourselves very much as part of a huge, intelligent and creative system. We were physically healthy to a degree we can scarcely imagine today.

Here are seven ways to safely balance and engage the base chakra, so that you feel grounded and stronger.

1) Imagine.

To help you imagine the ideal state of primal health, and a superb connection to the physical world, I have put together a simple, free, guided meditation for you to listen to: the Stone Age Meditation. For your audio copy, just fill out the form below, and I will send it to you (I’ll also pop you on my emailing list for future updates).  

Listen to the the Stone Age Meditation several times over a few weeks, and note the difference to your own state of wellbeing.

2) Take pleasure in simple tasks. Make a point every day of spending time mindfully on a simple activity related to your survival. For example, preparing a meal, or maintaining your home.

3) Find a nature totem. Go somewhere natural, and find a stone or a small piece of wood that pleases you. Keep it with you. Whenever you touch it, be aware that you, like the small object you hold, are always connected with the wider natural world.

4) Grow food to eat. Bean sprouts or salad on a window sill are an easy start, and all you need is a few seeds, and some earth. Don’t spend a fortune on a gardening kit – think Stone Age, and use basic stuff that you can find in your locality.

5) Buy whole foods. Consciously seek out groceries that have not been overly processed. Befriend your local farm shop.

6) Walk. Make walking a part of your daily life. Where possible, step outside at the start of the day and walk barefoot over dewy grass. When driving, park half a mile short of your destination, and enjoy the journey on foot.

7) Spend time in nature. Being in green spaces is calming and grounding because it’s our home environment – it’s just that we forget it sometimes. Seek out fresh air. Remember this: you are part of nature, and nature is part of you. You are unique, and special. There has never been anyone quite like you on this planet, and there never will be again. You are part of a whole, interconnecting stream of planetary life – and you have your role to play. Be proud of that role.

Love and blessings to you.


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  1. I often have my clients visualize a pyramid emanating out from their base chakra into the energetic core of the earth…and then to feel the connection/power/strength which fills them through this pyramid. Base chakra work is so powerful – especially for many of us light-workers (who love to be out in the ether!). I’m looking forward to poking around the rest of this site…

    • Thank you for that excellent idea, Julianna. I most often use the image of roots, going deep into the earth, including a tap root right into the centre of the earth. The pyramid is a solid, stable shape to focus on, and I can imagine that some people might prefer it. A powerful image.

      • Roots are good too. This is when it’s so key to ‘feel’ our clients, and allow whatever imagery comes to us to move through us! Have a blessed day!

      • Very true, Julianna: every client is unique. A blessed day to you too : )

  2. Thank you for all your advice and vivid comments Suzanne – they take your breath away! I have been looking at the many shades of green here in Ireland in a new light and am experiencing such deep and prominent colour. I really think too that the recent heavy rain has brought out the many beautiful roses here in our garden.
    Your description of walking barefoot in the dew sounds invigorating and something I would love to do but unfortunately with my Diabetes it isn’t possible BUT keeping it in my imagination is working wonders – thank you and much love. Barbara.

    • You are blessed in Ireland with the most vivid green colours, Barbara. Instead of walking barefoot in the dew, you could trail your fingers over the tops of tall grasses or even your beautiful roses after they’ve soaked up the rain. Connect with the living plants through the palms of your hands. Tingly!

  3. Thanks, Suzanne! I love my life and sometimes I get so busy I forget about the important simple things like connecting with nature on a regular basis.

    • Thank you, Janie; I’m so glad you appreciated the post. I think we all need reminding to connect with nature from time to time – me included!

  4. Thank you Suzanne…a really great way to explainthe base chakra with ease…I loved it…Thanks also for wisiting and liking my blog…it is much appreciated….it really IS important to remain connected isn’t it? Thanks again for your insights…Sending Angel hugs, Barbara xxxx

    • You’re most welcome, Barbara. You have an insightful and beautiful blog. I hope you enjoy the Stone Age Meditation 🙂 x x

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