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Sky glow

Yesterday evening, I was tidying up indoors. My hands were present, but my mind was elsewhere. I was wondering about the new term of meditations I’d be running in the Studio. Would it go ok? The theme I’ve chosen for this week is ‘glow’. Would ‘glow’ be a good word to meditate on?

“Come outside,” called Steven. You’ve got to see this.”

His voice was light and excited.

I went outside.

And I saw this sunset.

Just to be clear, I have not altered the image in any way. The sky truly was lit with orange and red, with a tiny sprinkling of town lights below.

The sky was simply glowing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it glow so fully before.

So I guess that answers my question. Thank you Universe, for a very big answer to my question.


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  1. Soooo lovely when this happens, isn’t it? And the picture is gorgeous!


    • Thank you, Swati. I agree with you: it’s amazing how the Universe reflects back to us what we need to know.


  2. You really seem in the flow Suzanne:-)…. I’m enjoying your blog and I love this feeling that is also moving within me of feeling a flow. It gets more realized as I learn to let go.


    • Thank you, Sally. You are so right. When I allowed myself to share my personal story recently, that’s when I entered the flow. It was also important that I allowed myself time to write; that I respected that process. I am glad you are feeling something similar, that you are learning to let go.


  3. Go for it Suzanne – I know you will just GLOW as you share your meditations with your friends. Such a beautiful magnificent picture and how wonderful the Universe spoke to you in this way. You are certainly in the flow. Love you. xxxx


  4. Thank you – really special to be loved. xxxx


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