Mind Body Hoopla

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1094683_494477563968354_61474627_oGet back into the rhythm of your life with this standing and swaying meditation within a hoop. The hoop may lie quietly on the ground or spin in the air, depending on the ability and intention of the practitioner.

The regularity and rhythm of the movement can create a blissful state in which fears or concerns slide away, replaced by a sense of oneness and completeness. Linear ‘end gaining’ is replaced by a sense of the perfection of this present moment.

We become the stillpoint of a turning world, witnessing the busyness of life without needing to be caught up in the dramas. We emerge with a sense that we are innately strong at the centre of our being, and we carry that strength peacefully into our daily lives.

There are two Mind Body Hoopla sessions in September 2015:

Evening Meditation

Retreat Day

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