Are we stepping into a new, intuitive era?

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Respect your intuition. Practise your intuition. Use your intuition to find solutions to complex problems that the rational mind can’t fathom. That’s the message from Asta Raami, a PhD researcher in noetic or inner thinking at Aalto University, Finland. “A huge untapped potential of the human mind is reachable through an intentional use of intuiting,’ she writes in her doctoral dissertation, ‘Intuition Unleashed‘. “Intuition is a superior way of acquiring information in some situations and its capacity is enormous.” And yet because intuition or inner knowing is largely ignored and even denigrated in schools, most of us grow up hiding our rich inner worlds and their accompanying insights. This inhibits creative and scientific enquiry – and adds to personal stress levels. 

Asta Raami20150318_1535

The author has meticulously studied the working methods of numerous designers and inventors, including many Nobel Prize winners. Along the way she has discovered that deep thinkers are not always systematic and logical. Typically they will observe intently, and they will mull over their observations in an open-minded, even dreamy way. One Nobel Prize winner described a sense of seeing the unity of all things. She was able to perceive a universal pattern that somehow seemed to emerge and glow when seen with the open eyes of the inner mind. Another simply said, “Intuition is everything”. 

Of particular interest is a paper that Asta Raami has contributed to a newly published open access book, ‘Sustainability, Human Well-Being, and the Future of Education‘, edited by Justin W. Cook.  In this she identifies what are known as ‘wicked problems’ by researchers. These include the major puzzles of our time, such as climate change, in which the issues are immensely complex, urgent and poorly understood. The rational mind could go down many corridors of enquiry and get nowhere. The intuitive mind – and we are all intuitive – has the potential to understand the whole picture and perceive neat solutions emerging from the core of the puzzle. 

Challenging times have the potential to allow ‘fringe’, previously disdained, ways of thinking to emerge. Perhaps, in this era of extraordinary change, the hitherto undervalued human capacity to intuit will finally become mainstream. Perhaps we will all, finally, be able to ‘own’ our intuition. 

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  1. Hi Suzanne, great piece – I would like to think we are but it will be a long period of realisation – I teach intuitive art and as you know I wrote a book ‘Why follow Rules? Trust your Intuition’. I am off to New York in 2 weeks time to run and intuitive art day, so there is definitely an interest in connecting with intuition out there……. Its finding ways to help people a) recognise it and b) allow themselves permission to access it. I will have a look at Asta Raami’s document. Thank you. James Maberly

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