How healing can help

L1100021If you have a physical issue that is hard to treat… or feel as though you’re in a mind-fog of stress or other painful emotions, healing can help.

A healing session is about creating a safe space for the client to go through their own healing process. There is no effort involved, just relaxation. The healing practitioner uses a gentle sequence of hand movements coupled with meditation techniques to encourage a sense of wellbeing in your body, mind and spirit.

For the session, you lie fully clothed on a couch.

Safe, gentle and effective

Healing is always offered in conjunction with any medical treatment your doctor has offered you. It is not an alternative; it is complementary. Healing is not about curing a condition, although symptoms often do improve. It is about reaching a sense of wellbeing, and positive movement forward.

A long tradition of helping

I am accredited by The Healing Trust, the UK’s longest-established spiritual healing organisation. One of my earliest experiences as a new healer involved a client who had been unable to conceive, but did shortly after consulting me. Another involved a client with schizophrenia, who discovered that his unkind inner voices fell silent during successive healing sessions. At the same time, he was also able to mend his relationship with his family.

Healing is suitable for many conditions

As a qualified healer I have worked with countless individuals with a wide variety of conditions, including anxiety, cancer, career pressures, chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, historic childhood abuse, mid-life issues, PTSD and stress. I have discovered that effective spiritual healing  always involves a collaboration between the therapist and the client. I cannot make anything happen. But if you are willing to work with whatever comes up for you in a safe, supportive atmosphere, you will feel the benefits.

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