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On Wednesday 7th June the topic is: Stand your ground: a guide for sensitives. If you’re the kind of person who can pick up other people’s unspoken feelings right away, this session could be very helpful to you. We’ll explore some of the bonuses and pitfalls of sensitivity, and share strategies that, in a world of unspoken demands, can help you stand your ground.

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Join us once a month for an evening of insights, intuition and discussion. In a world where logic is often valued above intuition, getting together with like-minded souls can help to validate your own inner experiences – and transform your life.

Subjects covered include inner guidance, blessing, healing, nature’s oracle and, of course, meditation.

Sessions run from 7.30 pm to 9 pm once a month on a Wednesday.

“Your groups are so uplifting. Everyone is supportive. I feel I can speak freely here and people will understand.” 

“I can’t wait for the next session.”

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7th June: Stand your ground: a guide for sensitives

5th July: Forge ahead: removing the blocks that hold you back

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