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On Wednesday 11th October 2017 the topic is: Challenge accepted: redefining the landscape of our lives. We’re inspired by the way mountainous landscapes only began to be appreciated for their natural beauty in the late 18th Century by the Romantic poets. What if we apply the same principles to our own lives? This evening offers the opportunity, through discussion and guided meditation, to view the highs and lows of life differently – as landscapes of beauty that may actually enhance our lives.

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Join us once a month for an evening of insights, intuition and discussion. In a world where logic is often valued above intuition, getting together with like-minded souls can help to validate your own inner experiences – and transform your life.

Subjects covered include inner guidance, blessing, healing, nature’s oracle and, of course, meditation.

Sessions run from 7.30 pm to 9 pm once a month on a Wednesday.

“Your groups are so uplifting. Everyone is supportive. I feel I can speak freely here and people will understand.” 

“I can’t wait for the next session.”

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11th October: Challenge accepted! Redefine the landscape of your life

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