The Meditation Group – Monday mornings


Start the week with a clear mind

Around once a month we meet on a Monday morning at 10 am to sit in silence for half an hour, then talk for a further half-hour on the chosen theme of the session.  You are welcome to join us.

We practise an easy sort of meditation. We sit in chairs, and focus on a single, life-enhancing word. You’ll find the experience is instantly calming, and the serenity can spread into every part of your life.

If you’d like a quick and easy guide to meditation, you’ll find it here.

“Thank you for a lovely first session/introduction to the group I really enjoyed it, was nice to meet you at last and the rest of the group. It felt friendly and safe 😊 💚” ~ Sharon

How do I book?

You are invited to get in touch via the contact form below. After booking you will be given complete directions. There is a small charge of £5 per session to cover costs.

Note: the next date is: 15th July. The theme will be ‘Adventure’. 











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