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IMG_5731Join our friendly group for meditation and chat

Twice a week during term time, there are meditation groups who meet up at The Studio near Chippenham in Wiltshire, UK. These are suitable for all abilities, and all are welcome.

We practise an easy sort of meditation. We sit in chairs, and focus on a single, life-enhancing word – a different one every week.

During this summer term the theme is Thought. We’re focusing on the crown chakra, that part of us that has to do with unity, heaven and bliss. You can come every week, or dip in and out if you prefer.

Here are the dates for Summer Term 2017:

24th and 27th April: Dove

4th May: Infinite

8th and 11th May: Violet

15th and 18th May: Wisdom

22nd and 25th May: Unity


5th and 8th June: Understanding

12th and 15th June: Meditation

19th and 22nd June: Crown

26th and 29th June: Owl

3rd and 6th July: Heaven

10th and 13th July: Awareness

17th: Bliss

“Thank you for a lovely first session/introduction to the group I really enjoyed it, was nice to meet you at last and the rest of the group. It felt friendly and safe 😊 💚” ~ Sharon

What happens during a session?

Mondays are from 10 am to 11 am; price £5. This is a great, mind-clearing start to the week.

Thursdays are from 12.30 pm to 2 pm; price £7.50). This offers more guidance and may provide deeper benefits.

If you can’t make it to the sessions, you’re invited to meditate on the words at home.

If you’d like a quick and easy guide to meditation, you’ll find it here.

How do I get there?

Please contact me for directions:


  1. Have made a note of the Meditation sessions Suzanne and look forward to taking part from across the Irish Sea! Love and Blessings. xxxx

    • That’s wonderful, Barbara! So glad you’ll be joining in the meditation from across the Irish Sea. x x x

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