One month to write a food diary

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Today is a new moon, which is an age-old invitation to begin a new project. A great day, then, to start a food diary. For 28 days, through the waxing and the waning of this new moon, I invite you to write a simple daily journal in which you list all that you eat and drink. For good measure, add notes about your daily exercise.

We live in a complicated and cluttered society, where bewildering groups of people compete to gain our currency in exchange for a wide array of things to consume. What if life were simpler? How would that feel?

We can’t go back in time. But we can imagine how much more authentic a less processed society might be, like the one that lived in Skara Brae, in Orkney, five thousand years ago. These ancestors ate healthy foods with minimal processing, such as fish and other seafood, wild herbs and simple grains.


The key is to become aware, to become conscious of what we are actually consuming. A food diary helps us to do that. So find a small notebook, with at least 28 double pages. In the front, I invite you to write something along these lines:

Daily gifts of food and drink

and opportunities to move and stretch

With thanks to Mother Earth


At the top of the first double page, write ‘Day 1’, and make a note or symbol for today’s moon phase at the top – the New Moon.  Then use the left hand page to write down all that you eat today. Use the right-hand page to record all that you drink, and also all the exercise that you do.


Continue your food diary by numbering each day and adding a little symbol for the phase of the moon. You can find a record of these at Or simply watch the sky!

During the month that follows, you will gain awareness and insights into what and how you consume. You will make wiser, more mindful choices, which can help your long-term health. You will also gain a closer connection with Mother Earth and a true appreciation for her gifts. Good luck!


Mother Earth is stirring

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Mother Earth is stirring,

Mother Earth is waking.

Changes are occurring

in every stone and flower.


Touch me with compassion

at this electric time,

and I will realign.


This is what you do:

hold the planet in your hands,

hold the planet in your heart,

and you will be a channel

for the Mother.


Mother Earth is stirring,

Mother Earth is waking.

Changes are occurring:

can you feel the power?


The image: Silbury Hill is Europe’s tallest prehistoric human-made structure. Why it was built is a mystery. One theory is that Silbury is a representation of the Earth Mother – specifically, her pregnant belly rising above the ground. The water is only present during rainy times such as now. This is the most watery I have seen it.

A seer’s tip: Sit comfortably in front of a body of water such as this one. Formulate a question in your mind. Study the surface of the water, taking your time, noticing every detail. Then, let your mind go a little out of focus. Remember that the surface of the water is an illusion, and let your mind, and the question, slip between the molecules of your perception and into the mystery beyond. Let the question go. Let any expectation of an answer go. Simply be. Simply breathe… simply breathe. And be open to any answers that emerge.
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