“Thank you so much for this afternoon. It really set me up well to go off to my training feeling resilient and confident in myself in way that I haven’t in a long time. This road that I’ve been travelling (that you have kindly met me along the way with guidance & support) has been so empowering and I cannot thank you enough.” Sue.

“Suzanne is very insightful and was able to pinpoint nuances in such a positive way that our session was optimistic and progressive.” KT

“Your information was indeed very accurate and you quickly got a good idea of my situation. I felt very tired for almost a week afterwards but then felt much lighter and clearer. Although the information you gave me about how quickly my situation will clear was not what I wanted to hear (!) it was valuable and very true. I think your session was very useful.” Julia Adams, Gloucestershire, UK

“An amazing and touching experience, laced with a beautiful sense of peace and love.
This remarkable woman can offer you the opportunity to feel all this and more.” Georgina Wooller, Richmond, UK

“I do feel that without you I would not have managed this situation well for which I am very grateful.” CW

Group sessions

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for welcoming me so warmly to your meditation group. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made to my mental wellbeing and general uplifting of my mood. I still have underlying anxieties at times, but I’m more in touch with myself and able to accept that these are relatively normal and to live in the moment rather than become swamped by them. I cannot praise yourself or the ladies highly enough in terms of making me feel welcome and supporting me to make this progression. I always feel so amazing during our meditations and enjoy the discussions that happen before and after. It’s all so beneficial and leaves me feeling full of  light. I am so very grateful, thank you!” Sue, Wiltshire, The Guided Meditation Group

“You are doing a wonderful job sharing your love and kindness.” Tracy, The Guided Meditation Group

“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening! I drove home slowly, choosing a longer route along quiet lanes in the fading evening light, my mind being more open and light than it had been for a very long time. I think that the Hoop is a very good way of achieving union of mind and body which we otherwise so often perceive as separate entities. As you stand there, making your own circle, you are gently embraced by the Hoop (whose motion you create), circling around you. A great, transporting feeling. The breathing exercise at the start of the session is very important and helpful too.” Katharina Kronig, Wiltshire, UK Hoopla! course

“For anyone who wants to tap into the phenomenal power of their intuition – in a way that seems effortless – I could not recommend this course highly enough. Suzanne showed me how to connect with the world around in order to both receive clear guidance and to become more of who I really am. Amazing to think it is possible to achieve so much in a few 1 1/2 hour sessions! Thank you for an invaluable gift Suzanne.” Jane Bromley, Wiltshire, UK Intuitive Development course

“You made us all feel so welcome and comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d definitely come along to another if you run one.” Sarah Weld, Wiltshire, UK Intuitive Development course

“What I love about Suzanne’s meditation sessions is the radiant simplicity of them – you come together and sit in silence with a single word, and then afterwards you share – perfect!” Theo Wildcroft, Wiltshire, Meditation on Monday

“You might think that Monday isn’t the best day to meditate and that you haven’t got the time but actually by doing this it gives you the time to achieve so much more in a calm connected way.” Mary Quarmby, Wiltshire, UK Meditation on Monday


“It was so lovely to meet you yesterday, what a fabulous session you ran for us and I have had such lovely feedback and comments from the ladies.  I loved the meditation and am totally blown away by my heart shaped crystal with my initial on it … I don’t understand how it works or why but I am very keen to find out more!!” Michaela Vaux, Organiser, Yoga, Juice and Meditation Retreat, Cambridge

“Suzanne’s talk to our local group was a beautiful introduction to her ideas and methods. Suzanne shared with our group some of her own background and touching personal experiences which have led her towards her current thinking and teaching on how to connect with and make the most of one’s own intuition. With a very powerful personal history and her varied and interesting experiences she explained some of her simple but effective methods. This was a really interesting and practical introductory talk which sent us all away with plenty of food for thought, some new ideas and some positive and useful everyday tools to use in our own journeys. A really great evening! Many thanks!” Tamara and Tricia, Joint Coordinators, FHT Local Support Group, Marlborough

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