Guided meditations: album and free bluebell track

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First, some background…

This album of guided meditations originally came about in Wiltshire UK, for members of The Intuition Group. Each of the meditations sprang from the amazing countryside around the studio where the group met. Original background music was created by Jules Addison. Members of The Intuition Group learnt how to use nature as an oracle to mirror their own hidden wisdom and insights. You can do the same by listening to ‘Dream Library Meditations’.

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Listen to sample track: Bluebell Meditation

Bluebell woods make for the best walks – and meditating on them can be wonderful too. Indigo, the colour of bluebells, is special. Not quite purple and not quite blue, it occupies only a tiny part of the colour spectrum. It’s associated with intuition, and the following meditation makes full use of that fact.

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