This One is Special



In January 1996 Suzanne’s first child, Timothy, was born. He had a mysterious, undiagnosed condition. Ninety minutes later, in his dad’s arms, he stopped breathing… and this is the true story of what happened next.

When your child has a condition that can’t be cured, where do you look for answers? Suzanne writes:

In the first year I looked to doctors.
In the second year I looked to holistic practitioners.
In the third year I looked within.

This book is about how Suzanne and Tim’s dad learnt to trust their own instincts – through dreams and intuition. And it’s about the way an apparently fragile, highly vulnerable individual can create the perfect conditions for personal happiness and even spiritual awakening in others.


“A powerful and very personal story of courage and kindness, lived every day. I admire this family so much.”
Bear Grylls, adventurer, global TV personality, best-selling author and World Scout Chief Ambassador

“Wow, I was so moved by this story.”
Anita Moorjani, international speaker and the author of New York Times best seller ‘Dying to be Me’

“I stayed up far too long last night reading ‘This One is Special’ from start to finish. I love it. It is like a cool, clear, endless glass of water on a warm summer’s day – it has such clarity and depth.”
Gillian Clark, Chair of The Healing Trust

“A radiant and inspiring story of how to make happiness out of adversity, by having faith in goodness, learning from dreams, and trusting in intuition.”
Adrian Poole, Fellow in English, Trinity College, Cambridge

“This book perfectly captures the conflict between one’s own positive views of one’s disabled child and the defeatist attitude of professionals. It’s life-affirming to see how Tim progresses as Suzanne begins to trust her instincts, her dreams and, most of all, her son.”
James Melville-Ross, author of Two for Joy and ambassador for Scope


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