An amethyst for meditation

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Violet meditation


This beautiful, tiny amethyst came from a geological seam on Achill Island, Co Mayo. I’ve never been there but I once went foraging in a crystal shop a little further south along the Atlantic coastline, and came across this specimen glowing quietly on a shelf.

I photographed it today because it deserves its own portrait… and also to herald the fact that next week I’m running two meditation sessions on the subject of violet.

During meditation it’s fairly common to see colours spontaneously, with the inner eye – and the colour people see most often during my sessions is violet, or purple.

There’s something blissful about sitting still, in silence, and focusing on this vibrant colour. So I invite you to do just that.

Imagine that you are completely immersed in violet light. Picture every cell of your body bathing in violet’s uplifting rays. Keep doing that for a little while. And witness what happens within your body, mind and spirit.





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  1. Thanks Suzanne! This is a beautiful photo and piece of amethyst. Did you know that purple works on our subconscious mind? I recently had a baby snake that tried to come into my house via my front door which was not much fun trying to usher it back out before it could come completely in! I know that you can hose them, as they don’t like water, but I do not have a hose inside my house! Anyway, I remember reading in a book written by Hildegard Von Bingen (a Nun who had visions and wrote about channellings and so many other things – totally fascinating to read) – That to keep snakes away, you just need to place pieces of amethyst. My friend lives on a farm, and had a problem with snakes eating her eggs and biting her chickens, so she threw a couple of pieces of amethyst into her chicken coop, and has not seen any snakes since then! I too, have placed a small piece of amethyst just outside of my front door, and have not seen any since either! Works well! Sorry for the length of this, but I hope you have a truly awesome meditation next week! Hugs and love, Barbara xxxxx

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    • Thank you for your insightful comment, Barbara, interesting in so many ways. I have never heard that snakes are deterred by amethyst. If we add the fact that snakes have so many mythological credentials (as well as being rather alarming in your house, of course), there is a lot to think about there. Hildegard von Bingen was such an extraordinary authority on that meeting ground between health, nature and spirituality. You’ve encouraged me to read more of her! And I’m very glad you haven’t had to deal with any more snakes since making use of amethyst. With much love, Suzanne xxx


  2. Ah once again fab. Xxx

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