This is the perfect time for your self care

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Valentine’s Day and the first day of Lent coincide this year. The resulting fusion of love and abstinence from a selected item of food or drink makes this the perfect time to focus on self care.

How might you care for yourself for the 40 or more days of Lent, which begins this Wednesday 14th February?

One year ago, inspired by my friend Sarah Sexton, I gave up refined sugar for Lent. After Lent I continued the practice. I’m happy to say I am now 10 kg lighter, and back within a healthy weight range. Along the way I lost my sugar cravings, and the associated swings between high energy and tiredness.

Lent is a perfect time for self-reflection. On a scale of 1 to 10, how well are you currently caring for your body? What single act of food-abstinence will your body most benefit from?

Whatever your spirituality or lack thereof, approaching Lent as an act of self care is an invitation to thrive.


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  1. Lovely article. I’m not sure what I’ll be giving up yet, but thinking more about what I’ll be taking up too – Lent is the perfect time to give as well as abstain.
    We will be doing the 40 acts (of kindness) challenge again as it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for Lent and try to carry on the habit all year.
    I know a local running group is also doing a challenge to get out for a walk or run every day of Lent too.


  2. Great article thanks Suzanne….Loved the whole idea, and I will put some thought into this….Hugs, Barbara xxxxx


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