These five healing boosts can help, right now

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Healing happens when you are relaxed and open to the beneficial, life-enhancing flow of energies all around and within you. While going to an energy healer or therapist is a very sensible step when you need extra help, every day there are healing boosts that can make a difference. Here are five of the best.

1 Put a few simple flowers on your window sill or table, like this single cornflower and strands of tamarisk. Seeing small moments of beauty can open heart, mind and spirit.

2. Love and accept yourself, just as you are. Practise this frequently until it feels easy (even if that takes a lifetime).

3. When you catch yourself with negative self-talk, think of three nice things to say about yourself. Your energy will begin to grow and flow.

4. Meditate. Even five minutes a day can make all the difference. Sit still in silence, deliberately, and open up to the timeless presence of this moment now.

5. Prepare a simple meal – as simple as you like – in a spirit of loving kindness to yourself, and gratitude to all who played a part in getting the ingredients to your table. Eat it slowly, as though eating for the first time. Notice the textures, the flavours, and the sensations within your body as the life-enhancing food enters you.

Do you have any healing boosts to share?


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  1. Thanks Suzanne….I love the thought you put into your words above! You asked for any boosts that might help with healing…..Sometimes it just helps to get out and take a walk…..or I try to do something in a different way, because when I shake it up, I start to notice things more clearly or from a different perspective and that gets me out of any negativity; I try maybe cleaning my teeth with my left hand, or brushing my hair left-handed….(THAT gave me a smile, I have long hair at the moment!) Anyway, I also like to smile into a mirror for around a minute….this always works, and I definitely feel better (silly as well!) but better! Hope you are having a most wonderfilled day! Hugs, Barbara xxxxx


  2. I like those suggestions, Barbara! They’re really simple, but effective. Getting outdoors is a real favourite of mine. And definitely, everyone should smile at themselves in the mirror, though I suspect not everyone does… Much love xx


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