Lift your mood with lavender

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In a week when a study showed that over a third of all medicines can cause depression, it’s worth remembering that simple remedies from nature can lift your mood. Lavender is one of the very best that you can rely on.

Run your fingers gently through a lavender plant that’s just come into bloom, and you will instantly relax with the characteristic, uplifting, restful scent. Inhaling lavender is proven to reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

A few drops of lavender essential oil on a tissue placed near you at night or near your desk will calm the mind and nerves. Diluted in a carrier oil and rubbed into the skin, molecules of soothing lavender have been found to enter the bloodstream and deliver pain-reducing, mildly sedative benefits. Lavender oil in an intensive care unit or hospital ward can reduce the levels of body-disrupting sedation required.

Lavender spray recipe

This is a simple and delightful way to feel the benefits of lavender.

Take a clean and empty 100 ml bottle with a fine spray attachment. Add 15 ml of vodka, 80 ml of spring or other water, and 40 drops of lavender essential oil. Put the lid on the bottle and shake. Spray on yourself, around rooms or around your bed at night for instant, soothing relaxation.

Do you have a favourite method of using lavender?








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  1. I like the your article and agree that trying simple remedies such as Lavender can be really useful, but I do think that the opening sentence is a bit misleading. The study quoted showed an association between multiple medications and depression but no cause or effect. It might simply be that people have a lower mood because they are physically or mentally more unwell and therefore are taking more medication. Those participating in the study may already have had a history of depression too.


    • Point taken, Laura. It is nevertheless an uncomfortable association. In the study of 26k people, more than a third of the medicines they took listed depression as a potential side effect.


  2. I use honey and baking soda as my body wash in the shower, along with three drops of geranium and lemon and six drops of lavender. I also like a pinch in pancakes and my breakfast shake. I’ve also used it in muffins. It adds a pleasant spicy kind of flavor.

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  3. Nature is the best therapy!


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