Choosing bluebell pathways

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At the weekend I was lucky enough to be shown Duncliffe Wood, in Dorset. It had been raining heavily, which meant this ancient woodland was largely empty of visitors, like a forest from a bygone era. The rain was still falling lightly as we walked through clouds of purple blooms. The ground was bumpy with odorous leaf mould and sap-filled roots, and the subtle bluebell fragrance lay all about us, mist-like.

There were many small paths through the woodland. Every few paces, it seemed, there was a new choice of route. At first we chose carefully, and then it dawned on us that the route didn’t really matter. Every choice was the right choice. This was a walk that meant us to meander, to explore, to absorb the bright spring vitality of the place.

When the walk finished, I carried away my own share of that diffuse purple bluebell energy which lay like a shimmering ball in my cupped hands. The next day I felt a portion of the ball pour out into two meditation sessions that I hosted. Afterwards there was still plenty left to pour around my house and garden, and into the everyday jobs I had to do there. Then some flowed into my writing and yet more seeped on to my list of things to do, muddling the tidy lines, creating watercolour opportunities that changed shape as I looked at them.

It was just a little walk. But its fragrance will linger, I think, for a goodly time.




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  1. Thanks again Suzanne….I think it is important that people realise just what Nature can teach us and share with us, and the energies they so generously and freely give….thanks for the reminder….Our vibration at this time is our biggest gift to humanity, and as we feel this and surround ourselves with the higher vibrations from Nature and the bluebell, then we automatically give off those vibes to others we meet, and thereby charge them up with it as well….hugs to you and all you do and share, love, Barbara from down Sydney way….xoxoxo


    • Thank you for your comment Barbara, and I totally agree with you. Do you have any favourite woodland flowers near you? Or perhaps it’s more about nurturing berries right now? xxx

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  2. Such a beautiful day Suzanne , delighted to share it with you 🙂 you’ve captured it perfectly in these words xx

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    • Thank you Carissa – and thank you for showing me Duncliffe Wood! xx


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