Celebrating ten years with just one word

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Ten years ago this month a small group of us sat down in a little country sitting room to meditate. It felt mighty odd to be sharing the experience with others, but I was the facilitator, so I did my best to look as though I knew what I was doing.

Our theme, our subject of focus, was ‘Air’. During discussion and a long period of silence, we found ourselves looking at collective thoughtforms that can settle over an individual and a community and influence decisions, like a cloud in the sky which has the unconscious power to alter the moods of the people who live below it. We asked a basic question: whose thought are you thinking right now? The session was lively and stimulating. There was laughter as well as silence.

Afterwards, as I was clearing away, I reflected on how well the session had gone. Well enough, perhaps, to keep on running groups, just for a little while.,,,

That was ten years ago, and sessions have taken place in that little country sitting room, in an old farm building, ever since. This month, to celebrate our anniversary, we’re going back to those first words: air, and thought forms. Today it’s worth asking, perhaps more than ever before, whose thought are you thinking right now?

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  1. Hi Suzanne! I loved this post! I have been holding a meditation and healing group energy for around thirty years now, and I actually do not remember how it started. But, I do know that I attended a friend’s group, and so enjoyed it that I watched what they did and wanted to share that with others, so I began holding my own meetings.
    Since then, it has gone from a place where I used to worry about what I was going to share or speak about to where I now trust my Angels and my intuitive self and just go with the flow….and it works so well. I trust myself and I trust that everyone will not only enjoy each meeting, but that something of value would be learnt, so that they could then share that learning with others on a spiritual path. We all share in our own ways….but we can not do it all on our own, so when I create this space for others to come, I open it to them wholeheartedly so they feel safe, valued and hugged! In reading your words, I found myself thinking on whose thoughts I am thinking right now, and the answer is; my own, but also my connections to energy outside myself. I believe we all have these connections, but that sometimes we forget to utilise them in our everyday thinking and lives. I love being of help if I can, and I know you do as well. I really enjoy your posts, and love the way you write. You are wonderful. Thanks for reminding me of just how long I have been sharing too….and why. May you have an awesome week. Angel hugs and blessings, Barbara xxxx

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