Thankful, optimism, support

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purseThis is a special bag: a beaded evening purse; handed down through the generations of my family. My mother gave it to me one day last December.

I typed out a list of positive, uplifting words, and printed several copies on card, then cut them up and popped them in the bag. During the Solstice, I invited many people, upwards of 80, to take a word out of the bag and keep it with them as guidance for the year ahead.

During the Solstice get-togethers I drew a total of  three words for myself: ‘Thankful’, ‘Optimism’ and ‘Support’. I looked at them, felt their specialness, then put them down and forgot about them.

January came, with snows, then wind and rain. There were winter bugs in my household, which meant I didn’t get to the gym, or go walking, or swimming. I reduced my daily yoga… gradually, imperceptibly, I was putting my wellbeing on hold. This is never a good idea, I know. But still, it happened.

And then, just yesterday, I found my three words once more: ‘Thankful’, ‘Support’ and ‘Optimism’. I hugged them like old friends. How could I have forgotten them?  The truth is, I need those words every day. Each word is a tiny, effective dose of wellbeing.

If you would like me to draw a word for you out of the bag, just ask, and I’ll be happy to send you your own little dose of wellbeing.


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  1. please could you draw a word for me?


  2. I am thankful that you have extended to us all this option to ask you, Pklease draw a word for me.


    • You’re most welcome, Debbie. Three words have come out of the special bag for you. They are: ‘Joy’, ‘Love’ and ‘Gifts’.


  3. What a beautiful post~ you inspire the world with your wisdom Suzanne. Please draw a word for me. Thank you!


    • Thank you for your kind words, Brendan. I could sense your open-hearted energy very clearly when I drew for you. Two words came out: ‘Peace’ and ‘Bliss’.


  4. If it’s not too late to ask, could you draw a word for me too, please?


    • A pleasure, Angela. I have just drawn out a word for you. The word is ‘Peace’.


      • Hi Suzanne, thank you very much 🙂


  5. Hi Suzanne

    I love your post and love the beautiful evening purse! If you have time please draw from it for me. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
    Jennie x


    • Hi Jennie
      Thank you for your kind comment. We held the Fire bowl ceremony yesterday evening in the Studio and following that I drew a word for you from the Solstice bag. Your word is ‘Peace’. See you very soon. x


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