Happiness is being open

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This week has been all about happiness: pure happiness. My meditation groups have been focusing on the word – they have breathed in “I am”, and breathed out “happiness”. Then, just this morning, I recorded a ‘Happiness’ guided meditation, which I will send out to people when they book a place on my September Intuitive Development course.

One of my favourite intuitive insights from a week of happiness is this: the opposite of happiness is control. 

“Surely the opposite of happiness is unhappiness?” pointed out one guy in a group session.

That’s true, of course. However, consider the happiness levels of a young child. They are not especially in control of their lives. But in any given moment, a child can find happiness in playing with absolutely anything that comes his or her way, whether it be a twig, some earth, or a bowl of water (or even better, all three together).

Consider, in contrast, the last time you organised a fun event, like a party. Did you freely enjoy it, or did you spend a portion of your time worrying about everything that might go wrong?

When we try to control how things will turn out, that’s where unhappiness lies. In contrast, when we open up to life and accept surprises along the way, that’s when we experience happiness.

So after a week of focusing on happiness, have my happiness levels risen? Definitely, by around 100%. There’s been less rushing, and more enjoying the moment. If you haven’t done this already, I warmly recommend it: sit somewhere quietly for 20 minutes or half an hour. Breathe in “I am”, and breathe out “happiness”. And just see where the word takes you.


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  1. After just following your advice Suzanne………I was embraced with warmth, love and the feeling of floating on a light, bubbly, happy cloud. I felt I could conquer the world! I can hardly do that but will keep on smiling and hopefully sending out rays of happy sunshine. I certainly did ENJOY THE MOMENT!! Love and Blessings.


  2. What a lovely, happy experience Barbara. Thank you for sharing it ♡


  3. Nice… your point of children is so true… I am always amazed by how my daughter (4 yrs old) is able to quickly come out any sadness and completely forgot about what happened just 3 seconds back and laughing in joy… Well we were kids too but we grew and with that came along issues… But I am of the opinion that we should be cognizant of what could go wrong too so that we know after all whats the worst that could happen… so that when it happens, we are mentally prepared… Infact that was my topic for my last blog… 🙂


  4. Thank you for your comment, Gok. How lovely, I can almost hear your daughter laughing with joy as you describe. I’ve just taken a quick peek at your post, and I agree that it’s a good idea to be realistic and grounded in reality while, at the same time, creating space for happiness to enter one’s life.


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