Spiritual: a quick definition

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People often talk about being spiritual. Others deny that the spiritual realm even exists. But what does being spiritual actually mean? Here is a definition that works for me:

Beyond the levels of thinking and feeling lies pure consciousness, which we experience as pure love. Reaching this is spiritual transformation.

Once you’ve been there – really been there – you’ll always have it. It never goes away, although sometimes we manage to forget it for a while. However, we always remember sooner or later. It has a way of reminding us.

We get there by being fully present in the moment, and thus forgetting our ego-centred worries and desires. Looking at a beautiful aspect of nature – such as a flower, or a small child – can bring us to the shores of the spiritual realm. So, too, can a regular practice of meditation. Sometimes, this happens spontaneously, especially in those moments between sleep and waking. And it can also happen in extremis, when our ego-driven policies are no longer working for us, and we find ourselves yielding to a different, infinitely vaster view of the universe.


Next week a new, huge series of meditations begins in the Studio. Term by term, for seven terms, we’re going to focus on each of the main chakras – the energy centres that enable us to function in the physical realm, and also to develop our deeper understanding of life. This epic theme is designed to suit all levels of ability, and you can dip in and out as you wish. The intention is that we will focus ever more fully on the building blocks of our human psyche and our interface with the wider world.

This term, from now until July, we’ll be focusing on the base or root chakra, which is concerned with physical survival and manifestation. Join us whenever you can. And I hope you will experience the bliss of the spiritual, one word at a time.


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  1. It seems that beyond consciousness is awareness of pure Presence, but thats just a thought! There are many levels of consciousness and awareness, but pure Presence, pure Being, crystal clear Awareness of Presence is rest and flow, and rest and movement, and being present in the Presence of Being! Yet it is beyond words! may you be blessed!


    • ‘Pure presence’… absolutely, newheavenonearth. And I agree with you that all our words are just an attempt to describe what cannot, by definition, be put into words!

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  2. Thank you so much Suzanne. Only last night I was having a discussion with friends about not being religious and trying to define being spiritual and then today, here is a great answer! Thanks for sharing! Blessings and hugs, Barbara xxxxx PS I look forward to your work on the chakras energies as well…lovely!


    • I’m finding this definition useful, too, Barbara. I have floundered in the past trying to describe what ‘spiritual’ really means. Somehow, these words just work for me. I’m glad they work for you, too. And yes, I’m really excited about the chakras work that’s coming up. Much love. x x x


  3. I wish we lived near enough to come to your meditation each week. Perhaps you can send me the words if you’re focusing on a word each week?


    • A pleasure, Laura. You’ll find all the Base Chakra meditation themes for this term at the following link: suzanneaskham.com/weekly-meditation/ Focusing on these words at home can be immensely enriching. x x


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