How to visualise during meditation

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Here is a photo taken on a recent sunny, frosty day…



And here is another photo taken from the exact same spot…


The only real difference between them is that in one, I decided to focus on the big picture. In the other, I zoomed into a tiny, beautiful detail.

Visualisation during meditation is exactly like that. We choose what to think about – focus on – in our mind’s eye. Then we close our eyes and reconstruct our chosen image in our mind.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes it can seem really hard. But if that’s the case, stick with it, as you are building up new ‘muscles’ in your mind. It gets easier with practice.

It helps a lot if you study a real image first…


Notice all the tiny details that you can, then close your eyes and imagine them all over again. Pretty quickly, this process can feel calming and restful. This is the first gift of visualisation.

The second gift of visualisation is that you can use it to imagine things you’d like to have in your life. The rambling house in the country; the fulfilling work; the happy family….

Practise visualisation in meditation because it feels good, lowers your blood pressure, calms and revives you. Then, if you choose, practise visualisation with things you haven’t yet seen, but would like to. Imagine them as though they are as real and detailed as the images on this page. Allow meditative feelings of calm and happiness fill you as you do so.

In time, you will reduce the time you worry about what you don’t have, and increase the time you spend enjoying what you do have, which will encourage the good things to proliferate in your life, and increase your wellbeing, one meditative step at a time.



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  1. Great post! I love to use creative visualization in almost everything else I do aswell, other than meditation.


    • Thank you Slim. Sounds like you have truly worked out how to use visualisation as a positive tool in your life.


  2. Thanks Suzanne…I run meditation classes, so I need to explain to others, and I love your approach….so easy! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week! hugs, Barbara xxxxxx


    • Glad it was helpful Barbara! I get the same question. Sometimes a new student adds, “I can’t visualise.” This is a way of explaining to them that they can and do visualise! x x x


  3. Thank you Suzanne! Creative visualisation is something I’m trying to work on every day but I really struggle with creating a picture in my mind. This post has really helped clarify the process. Thank you!

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    • So glad this helped, Happy Soul Hub. Working on creative visualisation every day is a great way to make progress. Sometimes if I’ve let it slip, I actually put visualisation on my list of things to do.

      Liked by 1 person

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