What did you do today?

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Yarrow“What did you do today?”

I breathed. I lived. I put my bare feet on the earth.

“Yes, but what did you do?”

I’ve just told you what I did.

“What else did you do?”

I had a laugh with ones I love. I ate almonds under a wild cherry tree. I breathed the sweet scent of a pure white rose.

“Sounds nice. Anything else?”

Yes, now that you come to mention it, I gathered yarrow under a cloudless sky. I touched a silver birch whose leaves were shimmering in the breeze. And I watched the red sun go down, while a handsome man held me close…

That’s what I did today. And what about you; what did you do? Don’t tell me the stuff you didn’t really care about. Tell me what mattered to you.


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  1. Very Thoughtful Blog thank you Suzanne 😉


  2. Lovely post Suzanne.

    I basked in the gorgeous sun and walked with friends through the delicious countryside from Stanton to Alton Priors.
    I found a lovely horse to ride. Yey!
    I curled up in the cool shade.
    I held my breath watching 2 champions play incredible tennis, marvelling at their genius and cried when Andy Murray won- along with much of England.
    I told an old grey horse how beautiful he is.
    I revelled in just being, in freedom with nothing to prove.

    A delicious day……


    • Thank you Jane, and how beautiful your day was. Wishing you happiness and horses and all things delicious x


  3. Lovely Suzanne, I spent a day with my family, eating, watching grandchildrent playing with water. It meant a lot as one of my daughters has been on a liquid diet for 9 weeks and she is now introducing solid foods gradually. It was lovely to see her enjoying herself.

    This morning’s meditation – meadow – as I drove away the grass swaying in the breeze was really noticable as was the surrounding scenery – distance slightly hazy, but beautiful green meadows.


    • Thank you for your comment, Diane. I can feel your happiness regarding your daughter and send warmest wishes that she continues to recover well. Meadow is the essence of summer and good for reminding us of the many idyllic times we enjoy, isn’t it x


      • Absolutely, took some photos, will post them on the meet up page. x


  4. Lovely, I’ll look forward to seeing the photos, Diane x


  5. Reading this lovely blog only enhances all the beautiful Summer feelings we have all been experiencing recently. My most precious time has been late in the evening sitting out, after watching the most beautiful sun sets. followed on by the gorgeous moon and the swallows flying over the house heading in the Galway direction – first in large groups, then fours, twos and then the odd one trying to keep up with the others – absolutely fascinating!


    • Your beautiful summer evenings sound idyllic, Barbara. I love swallows – who doesn’t? They are such incredible fliers. Dynamic – they know where they want to go – and then they swoop about for food and fun.


  6. Have gained so much from reading this blog again and all the lovely replies.


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